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Empowering Education: The Legacy of
S.A. Mission English Medium High School, Nandurbar 

About Us: S.A. Mission English Medium High School, Nandurbar is the pioneering institution in Nandurbar, founded by the Swedish Missionary Rev. Olhsson on 1st December 1967, with the aim of providing quality education in English to the tribal area. The Swedish missionaries initiated educational institutes and hostels for the less privileged to enhance their sense of responsibility and empower them to pursue their goals. The school is now managed by the Suvarta Alliance Ministries Trust.

This tree of S.A. Mission extended its branches in the form of educational institutes and hostels all over the district, including Nandurbar, Mundalwad, Taloda, Selinpur, Dhanora, Shahada, etc. These units comprise pre-primary, primary, high school, and junior colleges providing education in both English and Marathi mediums so that students become competent to pursue professional courses and excel in life.

The journey of these missionaries was full of challenges. They initiated from Mundalwad, a place that lacked basic means of communication and transportation. Despite all the challenges, their zeal to do good to society and their determination to uplift the tribals kept nourishing this tree. Later on, the local missionary, Late Mr. Premdas Kalu (uncle), was also the founder of the S.A. Mission English Medium School Nandurbar, who worked tirelessly with sheer dedication and hardship towards the school's development. His efforts came to fruition with the overall success of the school.

Today, S.A. Ministries Trust has nine educational institutes and five hostels with its central office in Nandurbar. The institution is growing rapidly and has stepped into the neighboring district of Dhule with a pre-primary unit. Under the able guidance of our skilled administrator, Honorable Executive Director Dr. Rajesh J. Valvi, and the management of Suvarta Alliance Ministries Trust, the mission is expanding its infrastructure and coming up with immense and hi-tech school buildings and the merriest and richest hostels.

At S.A. Mission English Medium High School, Nandurbar, students excel both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, extensive emphasis is given to sports and extracurricular activities. With a qualified, experienced, and dedicated team of teachers and administrators, the mission continues to bring appropriate social change in students. Serving mankind is the intensive purpose of the mission, so rigorous social work is carried out endlessly. During the pandemic, the mission contributed to serving mankind to its fullest with faith, love, and honor.

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