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School Infrastructure 


S.A. Mission School boasts of an impressive infrastructure that includes a wide range of facilities to cater to the needs of its students. The school has a total of 46 classrooms, all of which are equipped with modern teaching aids and are designed to provide a comfortable learning environment. Additionally, the school also has 46 smart classrooms, which use advanced technology to make the learning experience more interactive and engaging.

Apart from classrooms, the school has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which provide the students with the necessary practical knowledge to supplement their theoretical understanding of the subjects. The school also has two computer labs that are fully furnished with the latest software and hardware to provide the students with the skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. These labs are equipped with high-speed internet connectivity to enable the students to access online resources with ease.

The school also has two libraries and two knowledge centers that are well-stocked with books and resources to provide the students with a wealth of knowledge. The activity and dance rooms are spacious and provide ample space for the students to engage in physical activity and artistic expression. The school also has four sports and games facilities to encourage the students to participate in various sports and develop their physical fitness.

The school also has dedicated teachers' rooms, which are equipped with all the necessary resources to enable the teachers to prepare their lessons effectively. The clerical office and principal's office are well-organized and provide a conducive environment for administrative activities. The examination control room is equipped with all the necessary resources to conduct smooth and efficient examinations. The school also has two infirmary rooms to provide medical care to the students in case of any health-related issues. Finally, the school has two music rooms to provide a platform for the students to develop their musical abilities.

In conclusion, S.A. Mission School's infrastructure is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience to its students by providing them with all the necessary resources to develop their physical, mental, and intellectual abilities.

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