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School Campus


S.A. Mission English Medium High School, Nandurbar has a spacious and well-equipped campus. The school is spread over an area of 7.039 acres or 30600 square meters and has a good built-up area. The campus is designed to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for students to learn and grow.

One of the highlights of the school's campus is the playground, which covers an area of 100*90 square meters. The playground is a hub of sports and physical activities and is equipped with all necessary facilities for sports such as football, cricket, volleyball, and basketball.

In addition to the sports facilities, the school also has a range of other facilities to promote physical fitness and wellbeing among students. These facilities include an indoor games room, a dance room, a music room, and a health and medical checkup center. The school also has hostels to accommodate students who come from far-off places.

Although the school does not have a gymnasium or a swimming pool, it offers a range of physical activities and sports to promote the overall fitness and wellbeing of its students.

The school also places great importance on the health and well-being of its students. It conducts regular health and medical checkups for its students to ensure that they are healthy and fit. The medical center is equipped with necessary equipment to handle medical emergencies and provide first aid to students if required.

Overall, S.A. Mission English Medium High School, Nandurbar has a well-equipped and spacious campus with all necessary facilities to provide a conducive learning and growth environment for its students.

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